Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Lightnin' Hopkins - The Complete First Recordings Vol. 1 1946-1947 (EPM 159782) [FLAC]

A lot of these tracks are already on the blog, as vinyl rips, by Marc. 
Here you will find the Thunder & Lightnin' sessions, with Wilson "Thunder" Smith on piano for Aladdin Records in Los Angeles. All other tracks recorded in Texas by Bill Quinn and sold to Aladdin, except three tracks, where Joel Hopkins joins with his guitar. 
Quinn continued with  Lightnin till 1951 and he either issued the recordings on his Gold Star label (The Gold Star recordings Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 are already posted) or sold them to Aladdin and Modern (the Modern recordings are on the blog and "The Complete Aladdin Recordings" - EMI will be posted soon).

Monday, March 27, 2023

Lonnie Johnson & Jim McHarg's Metro Stompers - Stompin' At The Penny (Columbia 476720 2) [FLAC]


Here is Lonnie Johnson with a Canadian Dixieland band, McHarg's Metro Stompers. Johnson sings and plays solos on some trad jazz standards. However, he is not present on 6 of the 13 numbers (which includes cornetist Charlie Gall and clarinetist Eric Neilson in addition to the leader on bass). The original LP was pressed in 1000 copies only, for the local market. 

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Jimmy Rushing - Everyday I Have The Blues (Impulse - 547 967-2) FLAC

More Jimmy Rushing - Not My Rips ***NEW***
More Jimmy Rushing - Not My Rips ***NEW***

More Jimmy Rushing - Not My Rips (Mega)


More Jimmy Rushing - Not My Rips (Zippy)

Count Basie & Jimmy Rushing 1947-49 (AMIGA – 8 50 444) FLAC

Dave Brubeck - Brubeck & Rushing (FLAC)

Earl Hines & Jimmy Rushing - Blues & Things (New World Records 80465-2) FLAC

Jimmy Rushing - Classics 5085 (1946-53) FLAC

Jimmy Rushing - Do You Wanna Jump Children (1937-46) Jasmine (FLAC)

Jimmy Rushing - Jazz & Blues Collection 48 (FLAC)

Jimmy Rushing - The Jazz Odyssey & The Smith Girls (LHJ10319) FLAC

Jimmy Rushing - Who Was It Sang That Song (New World Records 80510-2) FLAC

Jimmy Rushing - With Count Basie 1938-45 (Giants Of Jazz CD 53298) FLAC

Jimmy Rushing - Four Classic Albums Plus (AMSC1057A) FLAC

Jimmy Rushing - Four Classic Albums Plus (AMSC1057B) FLAC

Jimmy Rushing - The Scene (HCD 7196) FLAC

Jimmy Rushing & Champion Jack Dupree - Dynamic Duo (TKCD 017) FLAC

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Tomcat Courtney - Downsville Blues (Blue Witch Records 105) FLAC

B.B. King - Blues Is King - Emi Stateside CSSX 240490 (Bluesway 6001) FLAC

More B.B. King - Not My Rips (Mega) Vol. 1

More B.B. King - Not My Rips (Mega) Vol. 2

More B.B. King - Not My Rips (Mega) Vol. 3

More B.B. King - Not My Rips (Mega) Vol. 4

More B.B. King - Not My Rips (Mega) Vol. 5

More B.B. King - Not My Rips (Mega) Vol. 6

More B.B. King - Live - Not My Rips (Mega) Vol. 1

More B.B. King - Live - Not My Rips (Mega) Vol. 2

More B.B. King - Live - Not My Rips (Mega) Vol. 3

More B.B. King - Live - Not My Rips (Mega) Vol. 4

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Willie Kent - I'm What You Need (BB1937) FLAC & AIFF-C

Various Artists - The Champion Records Story Volume 1: Blues & Rhythm (SPV 95832 CD)


Champion Records (along with its sister labels Calvert and Cherokee) was a record label started in the mid-1950s by the songwriter and record producer Ted Jarrett, in partnership with Alan and Reynolds Bubis (formerly of the Tennessee and Republic labels). This Nashville, Tennessee-based label released records by Christine Kittrell, Gene Allison, the Fairfield Four, Earl Gaines, Larry Birdsong, Shy Guy Douglas, Jimmy Beck and Charles Walker. Champion was out of business by 1960, and other Jarrett labels such as Valdot, Poncello, Spar and Ref-O-Ree followed (from wikipedia).
This is Volume 1, stay tuned for Volume 2.

Furry Lewis - Good Morning Judge 1962 rec by George Mitchell (Fat Possum 0374-2) FLAC

Monday, March 20, 2023

Leroy Carr - Sloppy Drunk (CATFISH KATCD 108)


Lerroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell were one of the most popular and influential duos in the history of Afro/American Music. This is a nice, beautifully transferred from 78rpm originals, double CD compilation of their recordings (most of them for Vocalion). Their final session for Bluebird (25 Feb 1935) is re-issued here in its entirety. Carr's drinking had made him practically unmanageable and after a quarrel, Blackwell quitted the session and Carr continued recording alone. The last track (Six Cold feet In the Ground) was prophetic: two months later Carr was dead.

Houston Stackhouse & Friends - The George Mitchell Collection (LP) FLAC

Friday, March 17, 2023

Roosevelt Sykes - Gold Mine (Delmark DD-616)


Passing through Copenhagen in 1966, Sykes naturally recorded for the local Storyville label. However, there is no barrel house music here. Slow, minor-key blues, many of them new to record, predominate. This CD re-issues the original 12 songs Storyville LP. "The Last Laugh" is a personal favorite

Enjoy the weekend!

John Lee Hooker - The Country Blues Of John Lee Hooker (Riverside OBCCD 542) *** updated: Flac & 24/48 vinyl rip Wav HB files available ***


Update: Thanks to Yardraw, on the comment box you can find a high quality vinyl rip (24/48 WAV HB files) of the LP: The Country Blues Of John Lee Hooker OBC-542 (Riverside Records – RLP 12-838). Enjoy and please kindly leave a "thank you" comment for this labour of love.

As promised yesterday, here is the album for Riverside, recorded in Detroit, on April 1959.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Leadbelly - Take This Hammer (When The Sun Goes Down, vol.5)


... In early 1939, Leadbelly was involved in a fight with another man whom he allegedly stabbed 16 times with a knife. The judge saw fit to give Leadbelly a sentence of one year (due to the fact that in between sentencing, Leadbelly had apprehended a bank robber and held him until the police had arrived. After he was released, he entered Victor RCA studios on 15 and 17 of June 1940 to cut a total of 27 tracks. Alan Lomax suggested pairing him with the Golden Gate Quartet, to recreate the sounds of southern black prisoners singing. However, the Golden Gate Quartet was a polished, professional group, and Leadbelly had to show them how to sing as a group of prisoners would sing the selected songs. Victor also recorded and some solo blues performences with Leadbelly, accompaning himself with his 12 string guitar.
This CD claims to be the Complete Victor Sessions but this is one track short of the truth: it misses the alternate take of Grey Goose (Take 2, Victor 051327-2) For the scholars, this track can be found on Document Records  Too Late, Too Late: More Newly Discovered Titles And Alternate Takes, Volume 6 (1924-1946) (DOCD-5461). The alternate and UNISSUED track (take 1) can be found as track 06 on DODCD-5227 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2, where it had incorrectly been labeled as the issued take 2 (many thanks to folkarchivist for the correction)